Jeff Prevost

Professor John J. (Jeff) Prevost

Assistant Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Co-Founder and Assistant Director of The Open Cloud Institute
College of Engineering
The University of Texas at San Antonio

Teaching Interest

Bringing real world experiences into the classroom is one of the most important aspects of teaching both undergraduates and graduate students. It is not enough to simply learn the technical concepts and materials of a course, students should have the opportunity to understand how the course will map into the student's chosen career path. My combination of academic and industry experience helps me accomplish this.

Classroom Instruction

My classroom instruction has been focused in the areas of Control Systems, Programming and Cloud Computing.
In the area of Control Systems, I have taught a graduate level class in Unmanned Aerial Robotic Vehicles as well as the undergraduate class in the Analysis and Design of Control Systems. However, my main interest is in the area of Cloud Computing.
In the intro cloud computing course, we learn the taxonomy and topology of cloud, Python programming, MPI parallel programming using Python, Concepts in data including traditional relational databases up to Map/Reduce, and Hadoop data analytics with streaming Python.
In the Programming Techniques for the Cloud, we take MPI programming to the extreme. We introduce advanced communications concepts, maximizing or ability to write parallel programs. On the Big-Data side, we add Apache Spark as our distributed programming/data tool.

Course Date #Students Level
C++ & Data Structures (EE 3223) S 17 70 UG
Concepts in Cloud Computing (EE 5243) F 16 20 G
Programming Techniques for Cloud Computing (EE 5243) S 16 18 G
Concepts in Cloud Computing (EE 5243) F 15 43 G
Analysis and Design of Control Systems (EE 3413) S 15 46 UG
Cloud Computing (EE 5453) F 14 29 G
Special Problems - Unmanned Systems (EE 6971) S 14 4 G